Why You Must Dare to Discover Your Purpose When You Retire
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George Jerjian is the author of Dare to Discover Your Purpose: Retire, Refire, Rewire. Check it out at georgejerjian.com. George retired after being given just six months to live. Thankfully, his diagnosis was wrong. His retirement though was “hellish”.   A former financial advisor, George is now on a mission to help retirees create a plan for their later years which is about more than money. His book shows Baby Boomers that retirement doesn’t have to be a disappointment and gives them the tools, confidence, and a blueprint to make the most of later life. George’s innovative program is based on his own experience and years of research. In it, he challenges people to DARE to rebel against conventional approaches to retirement and live the life they’ve always dreamed of. A bonus for us is that his approach can also be used during your nonclinical career pivot, focusing on identifying your "ikigai." You will find links and a transcript of the episode at nonclinicalphysicians.com/discover-your-purpose/  =============== You can support this podcast by making a small monthly or annual donation. To learn more, go to nonclinicalphysicians.com/donate You can now join the most comprehensive Community for all clinicians looking for a nontraditional career at NewScr!pt. Get an updated edition of the FREE GUIDE to 10 Nonclinical Careers at nonclinicalphysicians.com/freeguide. Get a list of 70 nontraditional jobs at nonclinicalphysicians.com/70jobs. Check out a FREE WEBINAR called Best Options for an Interesting and Secure Nonclinical Job at nonclinicalphysicians.com/freewebinar1
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