Achieving Personal Success by Writing and Self Publishing a Novel
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This week, Dr. Debra Blaine returns to the show to discuss her latest book. She has appeared on the show twice before (Episode 115 and Episode 231) and returns to announce the release of Beyond the Pillars of Salt and to explain how she published it. Dr. Debra Blaine is a family physician who has been practicing for over 30 years. She began writing fiction in earnest several years ago and released her first book, Code Blue: The Other End of the Stethoscope, in 2019. Her second book, Undue Influences, was released less than a year ago. Since then, not only did she write her latest novel, but she self-published it too.  Dr. Blaine explains why she loves to write novels, and how she managed to self-publish her third book so quickly after the release of her second book. We also discover that Dr. Blaine is a certified coach who helps physicians with writing and publishing their own novels. You will find links mentioned in the episode at =============== You can support this podcast by making a small monthly or annual donation. To learn more, go to You can now join the most comprehensive Community for all clinicians looking for a nontraditional career at NewScr!pt. Get an updated edition of the FREE GUIDE to 10 Nonclinical Careers at Get a list of 70 nontraditional jobs at Check out a FREE WEBINAR called Best Options for an Interesting and Secure Nonclinical Job at
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