The Little Engine That Couldn't Decide What To Do
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You see a train in the distance. But oh no! There are five people on the tracks, and they’re about to get hit! You run to pull the lever so the train will switch tracks -- and then, you notice something else: There’s another person standing on THAT track. Do you do nothing and risk five lives, or pull the lever, and deliberately cause the death of one? Talk about a pickle. We want to hear from you! Click here to send us feedback.
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Nobody likes a tattletale. Running to tell the teacher every time your friend looks at a phone in class isn’t cool. Or maybe it’s the right thing to do. To tell, or not to tell: THAT is the question we face on Pickle today.   Should Carl Tell On Shumita? Carl caught Shumita eating someone...
Published 12/11/17
Published 12/11/17
Ambika the elephant sure looks happy. She’s lived to the ripe old age of 70, and she pees gleefully when she sees her friend. She must like living in a zoo. And yet...a nearly 7,000-pound elephant cooped up in a zoo her whole life? Would YOU like that? Wait, don’t answer. Not until you hear what...
Published 12/11/17