Those Pesky Romans
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They gave the world Latin! Aqueducts! Really cool architecture! But the Romans also put on shows where they killed people (and animals) for sport and had a decidedly gross substitute for toilet paper! Does that make them bad people? Or should they get a pass because they lived 2,000 years ago and the world was a different place? Hmm. This IS a pickle. We want to hear from you! Click here to send us feedback.
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Nobody likes a tattletale. Running to tell the teacher every time your friend looks at a phone in class isn’t cool. Or maybe it’s the right thing to do. To tell, or not to tell: THAT is the question we face on Pickle today.   Should Carl Tell On Shumita? Carl caught Shumita eating someone...
Published 12/11/17
Published 12/11/17
Ambika the elephant sure looks happy. She’s lived to the ripe old age of 70, and she pees gleefully when she sees her friend. She must like living in a zoo. And yet...a nearly 7,000-pound elephant cooped up in a zoo her whole life? Would YOU like that? Wait, don’t answer. Not until you hear what...
Published 12/11/17