“Is This Normal?” 2.0 — More Questions You Never Dared To Ask Out Loud
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Get ready for the highly anticipated sequel to one of our most popular episodes yet! Back in Episode 91 we asked the age-old question, “Is This Normal?” We're back to deliver another round of jaw-dropping, mind-boggling, and side-splitting revelations in our second installment. You’ll get answers to questions like: Is it normal to resent my husband after having a baby? Is it normal that I started masturbating at age five? Is it normal for a man to need assistance to get hard? Is it normal being bored AF with partnered sex? And so much more! Prepare to laugh, cringe, and nod your head in recognition as we address your questions head-on! Links & Resources: Guide: Next Level Intercourse Guide: Rediscovering Desire Guide: Mental Load Workbook Guide: Ultimate Foreplay Guides Our Book: Sex Talks Thanks Cozy Earth. CozyEarth.com and get up to 35% off when you use the code PILLOWTALKS Thanks StoryWorth. Get $10 off your first purchase at StoryWorth.com/PILLOW. Check out the show notes at vmtherapy.com/episode105
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Published 09/28/23
Whenever we ask parents what gets in the way of intimacy after kids, the most frequent answer we hear is time. As a parent, everything becomes about the kids, and it feels like there’s no space or energy for intimacy. But your partner and the love you share are special, and deserve your time. So...
Published 09/28/23
Links & Resources: Guide: Art Of Initiation Guide: Survivor’s Guide Does your partner ever touch you in ways, times, or places that you don't feel comfortable with? A staggering 78% of people have experienced unwanted touch in their relationships. We’re talking things like boob honks,...
Published 09/21/23