Farnborough air show part 1 
Published 07/26/18
Display and Formation 
Published 07/05/18
Listen and find out
Published 06/10/18
It's the 75th anniversary of the heroic 617 Squadron, so naturally we talk about that. Truly amazing stuff.
Published 05/20/18
in depth discussion about the aircraft the boys have flown during their service with the RAF.
Published 04/30/18
Godder's Parky and Dunc discuss their favourite aircraft following the RAF 100 celebrations and it's not exactly what you expect. Also we have some book recommendations and story about landing a Harrier on container ship. Enjoy
Published 04/04/18
Following the sad events at RAF Vally we are postponing to next week
Published 03/22/18
EP: 3 Synchronised Walking 
Published 03/07/18
Near Death.
Published 02/28/18
The first ever episode.
Published 02/18/18