In this week on the Pinit Pod, we discuss the effects of criticism and how it helped shape our lives for better or worse. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thepinitpod/message
Published 10/11/21
Published 10/11/21
*Spoilers Alert* In this episode on the Pin it pod, we finish the second part of our movie review segment. The true story of a heroic man, Hunter "Patch" Adams, determined to become a medical doctor because he enjoys helping people. He ventured where no doctor had ventured before, using humor and pathos.    We discuss our contrasting thoughts regarding how ethical it is for innovators to test the status quo without jeopardizing the health of the patient.  --- Send in a voice message:...
Published 10/04/21
*Spoilers Alert* In this week we start a new segment on the pod where we share our thoughts on movies that we suggest to one another to watch. This week we discuss Minari which is based on a Korean Family moving to an Arkansas farm to live the American dream by growing, harvesting and supplying Korean-based crops to the ever-growing number of Korean immigrants in the States.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thepinitpod/message
Published 09/27/21
In this week on the pin it pod, we are joined today with Murad our crypto savvy investor who shares his two views on cryptocurrencies as a whole, which made him like crypto and blockchain technology.  
Published 09/13/21
In this episode, we are joined back with our first guest Nour, who discusses with us the effects of Global Warming on the Globe after when the IPCC released its outlook on how the Earth will look in the not-so-distant future. 
Published 09/06/21
In this episode on Pin it, we discuss Heroes who did we look up to growing up as we got older and what do these people mean to us and how they changed our lives for the better. We also discuss how the perspective of Heroes changed over time.    
Published 08/30/21
In this week of the pin it pod, we are joined with Aziz who shared with us his experience when he travelled to Zanzibar with an organization called Nomu Hub, which organizes trips where volunteers can help people who need it the most.  We encourage you to visit their website (link below) https://nomuhub.com/blog/
Published 08/23/21
In this week of the pin it pod, we are joined by our friend Mireille Barrak who shares he two sense on meditation and manifestation. 
Published 08/16/21
In this episode of Pin it, we are joined by our third Guest Amin better known as DoubleA on Instagram. Amin shares his passion for music as well as the stigmas related to the music industry especially growing up in the Middle East.
Published 08/09/21
In this episode, we have our second guest where we discuss how to be more productive and share some embarrassing stories along the way…
Published 08/01/21
In this week of Pinit, we mention our one-week hiatus and introduce our first guest appearance a friend of ours her name is Nour.  
Published 07/26/21
This week there were important sports events that happened in the football space that we talked about, both the Copa America and Euro finals took place last weekend and we shared our thoughts on this week on Pin it.
Published 07/12/21
In this episode, we talk about our thoughts on the education system and whether or not if it worth completing your education with a college degree and about the college experience as a whole. 
Published 07/04/21
In this episode, we have the first week of product reviewing galore also discuss the criticisms that we received from our listeners. 
Published 06/28/21
In this episode, Samer and Omar discuss where are the safest places to travel to under the travel restriction measures and what activities we recommend.
Published 06/21/21
This week on the podcast, we got startutled with gunshots that were taking place from a nearby gas station. 
Published 06/13/21
In this week on The PINIT pod, we are joined with our long-awaited co-host bar. He talks about his interest in Japanese culture and language with the ultimate goal to eventually work in Japan for a couple of years. Omar misinterprets bar's interest in japan to have possibly a relationship with someone of Japanese descent.  
Published 06/06/21
This week we talk about the friend's reunion, the interesting part of the podcast is neither of us has watched the friend's reunion episode ......
Published 05/31/21
In this episode, we reveal our announcement that we have launched an Instagram page called thepinitpod where we can directly interact with our listeners. 
Published 05/23/21
In this week's episode, we talk about how we utilize the Pinit in our recording sessions without thinking about it. We also squeezed in another topic for you guys where Omar asks Samer what animated TV-Shows would he suggest to watch with your crush. 
Published 05/17/21
In this week of Pinit, we hypothesis how will the fall of apple may look like......and a crypto update brought to you from Omar's investment 
Published 05/10/21
In this week's episode, Samer and Omar share their old-school stories. 
Published 05/03/21
In this week's on Pinit, Samer and Omar share their thoughts on the fight with Jake Paul vs Ben Askren. Samer reminisces on his previous fighting encounters and one of which was against an oreo cookie, let's just say the oreo cooking had a secret weapon.  
Published 04/24/21
Listen to the third episode of Pinit where we talk about whether or not the changes in social dynamics that COVID-19 brought are here to stay.  
Published 04/18/21