552 - Love After Lockup Season Premiere! (S7E1)
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Mary Payne and Erin recap the glorious season premiere of Love After Lockup! ("The Jeweler and the Thief”). Drunk Ashley will be a total disaster and we love it. We hope we also get more of Martin, the drunk sitcom neighbor! Erin is upset that there is a person on the show named Skylar, but her boyfriend, Nathan is kind of a cutie. Monique is looking into weight loss options and we hope Derek loves her for her. Justine and Montana Millz reunite and we gotta say, he seems really sweet. But, where is he getting the cash and diamonds and cars? And finally, we have Gabby. Gabby spent all of Chris’s money on plastic surgery and a BMW and his family HATES her. It won’t end well. Want more content? Join our Patreon! www.patreon.com/pinkshadebunkies Please follow us on Instagram @pinkshadepod and TikTok @pinkshadepodcast Please support our sponsors! Go to www.storyworth.com/pinkshade for $10 off Go to www.oseamalibu.com and use code PINKSHADE for 10% off
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