556 - Holiday bonus! Family Karma (S3, e4 and e5)
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From our Patreon (Pink Shade Bunkies), Mary Payne and Erin talk about Family Karma, s3 episodes 4 and 5 (“Drag Me to Brunch and “Rumor Has It”). Amrit spills the Rish/Monica rumor at brunch. Vishal drinks when he’s not supposed to and the producers continually call Richa “Vishal’s wife, not legally." Vishal and Richa are the Katie/Tom of Family Karma! Bali is depressed over having to move in with her parents. Brian goes on a date with Avni. The Rish/Monica rumor amps up and Brian gives Rish a one week advance warning to ditch all his burner phones. Amrit and Nicholas talk to Monica and Monica stupidly decides to believe Rish. And, we still need more Lopa! Want more Family Karma? Join our Patreon! www.patreon.com/pinkshadebunkies Please follow us on Instagram @pinkshadepod and TikTok @pinkshadepodcast
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