562 - Best Of Patreon: The Single Life "Fishing for the Truth" with Amye Archer
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On this week's "Best Of Patreon," Mary Payne talks with Amye Archer (Gen X: This is Why) about The Single Life, s3e6: "Fishing for the Truth." We see Debbie's new skull museum/hoarder home in Canada and meet Tony's "friends." Caesar goes on a third date with Alona and he loves her the most because she touches his hand. Veronica and Justin finish up their "no kissing" bang trip with zip lining and Justin telling her he might move to Florida. Want more Patreon content? Head over to patreon.com/pinkshadebunkies Follow us on Instagram: @pinkshadepod and on TikTok: @pinkshadepodcast Please support our sponsors! Go to Hello Fresh and use code PinkShade21 for 21 free meals and free shipping! www.hellofresh.com/pinkshade21 Go to StoryWorth and use code PINKSHADE to save $10 on your next order! www.storyworth.com/pinkshade
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