566 - Love After Lockup s7e6 “Car Chase From Hell” with Keisha of The Libra Lounge with Keisha
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There were a lot of technical difficulties today, but Mary Payne chats with Keisha from The Libra Lounge with Keisha about Love After Lockup (s7e6) “Car Chase From Hell." This week, we saw Justine and Michael say goodbye to his kids and he finds out he can’t leave the state for 60 days. Gabby forgives Chris and then tells him about her legal battles. Cameron makes yet another “sit on my face” joke, lays down some sick beats in the studio, and we meet his sisters. Derek admits he knows who was chasing them. Skylar and Nathan fight in a restaurant and his behavior is concerning. Follow Keisha @the_libra_lounge_with_keisha on Instagram and listen to her podcast wherever you listen to podcasts! And click here to buy tickets for MP’s MOMENT Live Show with Jake and Matt of Reality. Gays! https://www.moment.co/pinkshade Sign up for our PINK SHEET newsletter to see what’s happening with the podcast every week. https://pinkshadepodcast.com/ Timestamps: Chat ends around 10:00 Please follow us on Instagram @pinkshadepod and TikTok @pinkshadepodcast Support our sponsor! Don’t Miss The Real Friends Of Weho after Ru Paul’s Drag Race– Friday January 20th At 9/8 central On MTV!
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