569 - Love After Lockup with Dylan and Pat from Bad TV “Red Flag After Red Flag” (s7e7)
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Mary Payne recaps Love Afer Lockup s7e7 “Red Flag After Red Flag” with Dylan and Pat from Bad TV and these guys have OPINIONS! MP and the guys talk about Derek buying Monique a ring and his brother teaching him how to turn off his location. The guys love Ashley and Travis and we all wonder - what is Ashley on? The guys think Nathan exhibits super scary behavior (and they are right) and we all agree the backstory of Gabby and Chris is tragic. Mary Payne continues her love of Justine and Michael, and the guys don’t agree. However, the guys DO actually believe in the love of Cameron and Aris… and we all know how MP feels about Cameron! Follow Dylan and Pat on Instagram @badtvpodcast and listen to Bad TV here Click here to buy tickets for MP’s MOMENT Live Show with Jake and Matt of Reality. Gays! https://www.moment.co/pinkshade Sign up for our PINK SHEET newsletter to see what’s happening with the podcast every week. https://pinkshadepodcast.com/ PLEASE follow us on Instagram @pinkshadepod and TikTok @pinkshadepodcast
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