597 - 90 Day TOW (s4e8) “For Every Joy, There is A Price To Be Paid” with Kimberly of A Date With Dateline
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Mary Payne chats with Kimberly of A Date With Dateline about 90 Day TOW (s4e8) “For Every Joy, There is A Price To Be Paid." Nicole and Mahmoud fight in the street and we hope she’s finally done with him! Kris and Jeymi go glamping and Kris proposes (again). Daniele arrives in the DR and expects Yohan to be a mind reader and just know she’s bringing 34 suitcases. Gabe tells Isabel’s parents he is trans and it seems to go ok! Debbie and Oussama go to the beach and Debbie rides a camel. Rishi proposes to Jen (again) before she leaves town and her family is very skeptical of their relationship. Follow Kimberly and Katie on Instagram @datedateline and listen to their podcast here! Sign up for our PINK SHEET newsletter to see what’s happening with the podcast every week. https://pinkshadepodcast.com/ PLEASE follow us on Instagram @pinkshadepod and TikTok @pinkshadepodcast
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