Shopping - Vibe Check - Reading Lists ... And Go.
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Our plan to refill our empty planner binders was a success. In this episode, we talk about what we plan to do with what we bought. We also share an experiment we think you might want to try with a planner friend. We do a chatterer vibe check on our tone and share some personal thoughts on the planner community and making this podcast. We wrap up this episode talking about our reading habits featuring book recommendations from Jamie's reading list, a segment you will probably never hear again because Colleen dominates at all things bookish. Show Highlights Advent Calendar season has begun Our fun experiment that you should try too! How we’ll be sharing our post-holiday shopping Notebooks we don’t need but bought anyway.  Feedback and a vibe check  Our yearly book update & recommends  A few things to remember about planning   Show Highlights  Fox & Pip - Bubba Bear - Archer & Olive -
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Like the title says we’ve been managing a lot of change in our lives. Jamie shares the loss of family members and Colleen shares the new beginnings as a single lady. Plus we tell you all about our unplanned Shreveport adventure together this month!  This episode was recorded on April 16th,...
Published 04/29/22
Published 04/29/22
Colleen’s been working on updating your planners and Jamie’s been drinking like she’s retired in Florida. With some new stationery in hand, we chat about recent stationery purchases, books we are reading. Also, Jamie shares how she avoided a huge financial blunder 2 years ago this week.    This...
Published 03/06/22