Wicked Fun With Shannon Bouchard
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Oh boy, we have missed making an episode like this one! Guess what!?! Jamie & Colleen are sharing plans for a Wicked Fun Weekend with the Planner Girls of Southern Maine this October! The host of the event Shannon Bouchard is our very special guest telling us a bit about the history of the group, what to expect, and even teaching us some of the lingo we may need when traveling to Maine.  Get all the details on the Wicked Fun Weekend event join Planner Girls Of Southern Maine. This episode was recorded on May 17th, 2022.   Show Highlights Meet Shannon with Planner Girls Of Southern Maine The food we must eat! How Colleen & Shannon met Why this event was started What to expect for the weekend Things we are looking forward to most Fulfilling Jamie’s childhood dreams Learning a bit of Maine words Planning out our adventure 
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