Chill 'n Chat - Clay Pots, Growing from Seed, Propagating for Sale
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It’s Chill and Chat time again, and the Plant Daddies cover a grab bag of planty topics on their minds. Is Matthew changing his mind about terra cotta pots? Stephen finds a chart for profitable propagation... supposedly. And is this the first time we talk about growing things from seed?
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We're back and excited! To kick off Season 3, we're returning to Hoyas, and diving deeper into these plants both of us are so enthused about. With so many varieties new to cultivation, how are we researching their care? What unusual and unexpected ones have caught out attention? What about...
Published 07/27/21
Hey! We missed you! We're not back from break quite yet, but we thought we'd share this fun, brief chat (mostly about Hoyas) with Jane Perrone of On the Ledge Podcast that took place a few months ago as we set up to our record about Thalassa Cruso for Episode 95.
Published 07/20/21
The Plant Daddies brave a historic Pacific Northwest heatwave to bring you our final episode of Season 2! In this Chill and Chat, we give some plant updates (mostly about Hoyas, who are we kidding?), share our heatwave plant care strategies, and talk about an interesting recent study suggesting...
Published 06/29/21