Zone 2 takeaways and an evidence-based 3 day cardio program for longevity | Drew Harrisberg, BSc
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Episode #279. You've heard a lot about the benefits of Zone 2 training, but how do you actually fit it into your busy schedule? Join me as I sit down with exercise physiologist Drew Harrisberg to dive into the practical aspects of implementing Zone 2 training. Drew brings both professional insight and personal experience to help you understand how to optimise your training zones for long-term health benefits. Tune in to learn how to get the most out of your workouts, backed by science and sprinkled with good laughs. Specifically, we discuss: Intro (00:00) Drew's Insights on Training Regimens (06:52) Deep Dive with Inigo: Exploring Zone 2 Training (09:01) The Importance of Mitochondrial Function in Workout Planning (22:38) Do You Really Need 300 Minutes in Zone 2? (23:56) Discovering the Ideal Cardio Protocol (31:10) Cardio Strategies on Social Media: Are They Effective? (40:51) Methods to Accurately Measure Your Maximum Heart Rate (46:34) The Perfect Cardio Routine: Part II (50:46) Unveiling the Truth: Latest Research on the Fat-Burning Zone (1:02:40) Dad Joke of the Week (1:13:48) Navigating Science-Backed Information on Social Media Platforms (1:15:02) Shedding Light on Visceral Fat and Its Implications (1:19:14) Tailored Diets: Are They the Answer to Individualised Nutrition? (1:26:08) The Controversy Surrounding Seed Oils (1:33:02) Outro (1:36:56) To connect with Drew, you can reach him via his Instagram or website, Drew’s Daily Dose. He also has a training program to put many of the principles discussed today and in previous episodes into practice. Find Drew’s many previous episodes on *The Proof* website. Make sure to check out the full show notes, where you’ll find additional insights, guidance on calculating your max heart rate and zones, and a three-day a week training program. Optimise your health with InsideTracker’s biomarker analysis. Get exclusive access to InsideTracker’s new ApoB test, and a significant discount at Enjoy, friends. Simon Want to support the show? The best way to support the show is to use the products and services offered by our sponsors. To check them out, and enjoy great savings, visit You can also show your support by leaving a review on the Apple Podcast app and/or sharing your favourite episodes with your friends and family. Simon Hill, MSc, BSc (Hons) Creator of and host of The Proof with Simon Hill Author of The Proof is in the Plants Watch the episodes on YouTube or listen on Apple/Spotify Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Nourish your gut with my Plant-Based Ferments Guide Download my complimentary Two-Week Meal Plan and high protein Plant Performance recipe book
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