83. Introducing Season 5!
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Get a sneak peek at what’s to come this season on the Plant Powered People Podcast, plus get to know Michelle and Toni beyond podcast interviews!   Show Notes: Learn the new direction Toni and Michelle are taking with the podcast A sneak peek of who to expect on the next episodes! Exciting and in depth updates from Toni and Michelle How Toni and Michelle have been growing their businesses Proud friend moment- what Toni is proud of Michelle for Knowing when to get support in your business The benefits of therapy, business coaching, and self-care The importance of learning new things, and what Michelle and Toni are learning Toni’s exciting gardening updates How Toni is creating healthy habits What Toni and Michelle are loving lately We’re going there: bidets and reusable toilet paper Why you should pick up some passionfruit and rambutan Toni’s favourite recent musicals How Fitbit is helping Toni stay active How Michelle has been making bubble tea at home Thank you to our sponsors Caraway Home (carawayhome.com/plantpoweredkitchen or use code plantpoweredkitchen at checkout) and Yai’s Tai (use code PLANTPOWER at checkout for 20% off at yaisthai.com)   Resources: EP #50: Guide to Preparing for the Holidays EP #5: Surviving the Holidays Vegan candle guide Buy vegan boba
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Published 01/15/23
Registered dietician nutritionist Nisha Melvani join us on the Plant-Powered People Podcast for a nutrition Q&A. She has a Masters in nutrition education from Columbia University, she's a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, and has a wealth of practical knowledge about how to thrive on...
Published 01/15/23
Today, Adam Sud is a plant-based coach who has helped hundreds of people reclaim their health - but it wasn’t always that way. Adam spent years of his early adulthood addicted to fast food, suffering from substance abuse, severe depression, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, severed...
Published 01/01/23