Take A Break But Don't Quit (with Alphonso David)
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Deray, Brittany, Clint, and Sam discuss Puerto Rico's indefinitely delayed financial relief, environmental effects of urban living, genetic mutations worth testing for, and the LAPD's use of undue force against the homeless. DeRay talks to Alphonso David, who is the first person of color to lead the Human Rights Campaign. https://e360.yale.edu/features/can-we-turn-down-the-temperature-on-urban-heat-islands https://www.newsweek.com/puerto-rico-access-billions-disaster-relief-delayed-hud-violating-law-1466099 https://laist.com/2019/03/12/lapd_homeless_report_force_citation.php https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/16/opinion/beyonce-father-breast-cancer.html?smid=tw-nytopinion&smtyp=cur https://www.grove.co/s/springmeyers?offer=savethepeoplepod19&utm_medium=podcast&utm_source=or&utm_campaign=acq-savethepeople&utm_term=savethepeople&utm_content=2770 https://bombas.com/pages/people?utm_source=people&utm_medium=podcast https://harrietfilmtickets.com/ BollandBranch.com, promo code PEOPLE
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