GG06. A Song of Ice, Fire, and Pickles
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It’s time for Ghost Game episodes 17-20! This month we dive into everything we learned (and didn’t learn) from February’s Digimon Con, then discuss Ghost Game’s worst(?) episode, creepiest episode, picklest episode, and effectively tragic episode. You can find the full show notes for this episode and leave comments at
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We’re back from a long hiatus to talk about Ghost Game episodes 13-16! We dive into the shocking debut of GulusGammamon, the kids’ concerning ability to shrug off world-ending threats, and how everyone copes in the wake of episode 13’s shocking events. (Note: this episode was recorded on January...
Published 05/16/22
Let’s talk about Ghost Game episodes 9-12! We dive into the return of Clockmon, the introduction of Bokomon, the debut of TeslaJellymon and WezenGammamon, the evolutionless growth of Ruli, and whether Hiro’s pacifism is starting to worry us. (Note: this episode was recorded right after episode 12...
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