I'm at a loss, will anyone notice the difference? Lossless audio comes to Apple, Spotify and Amazon for free.
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Join James Cridland and Sam Sethi on this week's deep dive into . SPECIAL GUESTS:  Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO & Co-Founder at CastedAdrian Spataru, CEO & Co-Founder at  Cleanvoice.aiIN THIS PODCAST: The Ambies, the first podcast awards from The Podcast Academy. The podcast of the year went to Wondery’s Dying For Sex. The awards seemed to be a streaming success, too, with 25,000 people watching at peak.  For the full list of winners, Amazon’s Wondery was the winning studio of the night, with five awards announced; Crooked Media getting four, and QCODE with three. The podcast with the biggest award haul was Wind of Change, with three separate wins. You can watch the show again online, or use this Podchaser list from Evo Terra to go and listen. Apple and Amazon have joined Spotify by announcing lossless audio for their music streaming services. We look at what’s been announced and what it might mean for podcasting - and whether anyone will actually notice. Clubhouse is in significant decline, says WARC. Downloads are down 90% from February. It’s now rolling out on Android globally. Spotify is hiring for a new podcast boss. Podcast Day 24 has confirmed a number of new speakers for their 24-hour podcast conference on June 7, including an in-person event in Sydney NSW, Australia. PNEWSDAY21 for a discount. We’d love to see you!Buzzsprout Podcast hosting and a whole lot more
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