Podcasting in South East Asia; Sharon Taylor co-hosts; Spotify paid podcasting and more
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Sharon Taylor is Managing Director of Triton Digital, and looks after Omny Studio, an enterprise podcast host. Find out more at https://omnystudio.com/learn Our guest is Ron Baetiong, founder and CEO of Podcast Network Asia. He's at https://podcastnetwork.asia/ We're sponsored by Buzzsprout - they're at buzzsprout.com and will be at Podcast Movement next week ... and by Riverside FM, which has a new Riverside FM 2.0 coming out shortly. All the links for the stories are at https://podnews.net/go-subscribe/podland and you should go and subscribe to Podnews today, it's free! Sam Sethi is back next week; when we'll talk to Rob Greenlee at Podcast Movement. Buzzsprout Podcast hosting and a whole lot moreRiverside.FM Podcast recording made simple. The easiest way to record podcasts in studio quality from anywhere.
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