In our opinion, we need better listener tools - Clips, Comments and Content moderation. Oscar Merry talks about Fountain App, Alex Jacobi talks about the Open Podcast Analytics Format and will Podcasting Kill the Radio Star?
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Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi GUESTS Oscar Merry - talks about Fountain App (clips, boostergrams and chapters)Alex Jacobi - talks about OPAF (Open Podcast Analytics Format) SHOW NOTES  In a client note, Richard Kramer, an analyst from Arete Research has criticised Spotify. Our Editor asked Spotify for all his personal data, to discover Spotify knows what kind of car he drives, and what length podcast he prefers - and why Spotify will never know as much as Apple or Google. Meanwhile, 9to5Mac says Spotify falls short as a podcast app. (Hasn’t stopped it from being #1 in many markets). The number of podcasts in Spanish grew 6.8 times last year, according to iVoox.  Simplecast founder and CEO Brad Smith has been promoted he’s been named Head of Podcast Products for SiriusXM. "Podcasting Killed the Radio Star" - River Radio, a radio station in the UK, is working with podcast company Whooshkaa to be a “podcast-first radio station”. The station has around twenty subject-focused hour-long shows. Moon lets you transfer sats into a single-use VISA card JustCast now supports value4value and soundbites EVENTS:  PodFest Origins:  Nov 4-5 at the Amalie Arena in Tampa FL She Podcasts LIVE 2021: Oct 14 - Scottsdale, Arizona Radiodays Europe:   Oct 9-11 - Lisbon, Portugal
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