Shoshana and Valerie discuss divine revelation and why cults are weird. Also discussed: reasons why Moshe Rabbeinu should be Queer Eyed, and what they would do if their friends were prophets.
Published 01/19/22
Shoshana and Valerie watch comedy classic Chicken Run, and discuss how it’s sort of super similar to the end of the Exodus narrative. Also Shoshana gets hung up on its holocaust vibes.
Published 01/12/22
Published 01/12/22
Shoshana repeatedly disappoints Valerie by not liking Gilmore Girls and slandering Lorelai and Paris. We compare teenagers to capitalism and also to God? Also parasha content etc. etc.
Published 01/06/22
Shoshana and Valerie wonder if experiencing any of the plagues was sort of like playing Jumanji (but the 2017 version.) Also Valerie torments Shoshana with images of a rat king, and Shoshana loves Jack Black. Is Shoshana’s cough back? Tune in to find out!!!!
Published 12/28/21
Shoshana and Valerie start Sefer Shemot with an absolute classic. Things discussed: Anne Hathaway’s eyebrows, Julia Andrew’s being God, and so much more.
Published 12/23/21
Shoshana and Valerie are joined by their favorite (and only) guest star Rachel as they reminisce on the past Sefer, and talk about how Stardust is the perfect movie to finish out Bereishit. We also wrap up talking about Yosef and his brothers, and Shoshana drops a bombshell about Nick Jonas.
Published 12/14/21
Shoshana and Valerie chat about revenge fantasies, B.J. Novak, and begrudgingly enjoying Quentin Tarantino films. Obviously, we also discuss Yosef and his brothers as we wrap up their story -- it's the penultimate episode of Sefer Bereishit!!!!
Published 12/07/21
Shoshana and special guest host Rachel argue over whether A Cinderella Story is a cinematic masterpiece, and how it has surprising parallels to Parashat Miketz. We also worship Jennifer Coolidge and, obviously, drag Tom Hanks into it.
Published 11/30/21
Valerie and Shoshana compare camp movie Mamma Mia! and its sequel Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again to the campest parasha: Vayeshev. Important fashion moments, questionable parentage, dreams, and the power of three: this parasha and movie combo really has it all. Plus, our plans for Taylor Swift to perform Red (Taylor's Version) at Taylor Lautner's upcoming nuptials. 
Published 11/23/21
For Vayishlach, Shoshana and Valerie watch Game of Thrones S3: E9 - The Rains of Castamere and butcher the show …like the Red Wedding and Shechem??... Discussions include male anatomy, fantasy literature, She Said, and also the parasha.
Published 11/15/21
Valerie and Shoshana watch The Handmaid's Tale Season 1, episodes 1 and 6 to draw connections about the subjugation of women in the show to experiences of the Jewish foremothers. Yay inherited trauma! Also included: Kourtney K's chaotic Instagram and the Star Wars versus Batman debate that no one asked for. 
Published 11/08/21
Parashat Toldot: Shoshana and Valerie have a healthy debate about the intricacies of being a preteen twin as portrayed in 1998's seminal hit, The Parent Trap. Also they mention the parasha.
Published 11/01/21
Parashat Chayei Sarah: Shoshana and Valerie talk about culture clashes and what gifts we'd demand from our mega-wealthy partners when comparing Crazy Rich Asians (2018) to this week's parasha. (Also Freud's Bar Mitzvah Parasha is Tazria-Metzorah and Shoshana's Bat Mitzvah Parasha is Ki Teitzei, in case you were wondering.)
Published 10/25/21
Parashat Vayera: Shoshana and Valerie try to convince you, the listener, that Hocus Pocus (1993) thematically parallels Parashat Vayera. Thank you for listening! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and your Podcast app of choice! Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? DM us!
Published 10/18/21
Parashat Lekh Lekha: Shoshana and Valerie watch Stepmom (1998), and compare the parenting conflicts of Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon (and Ed Harris) to Sarai and Hagar (and Avram). We've improved the sound issues! Thank you for your patience as we find our footing in this new adventure!
Published 10/13/21
Parashat Noah: Shoshana and Valerie watch Evan Almighty (2007) and see how it compares to the real deal.
Published 10/06/21
Parashat Bereishit: Shoshana and Valerie compare humanity's first sin (and depictions of Eden itself!) as it appears both in Tanakh and The Simpsons Season 10 Episode 18.  
Published 09/30/21