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Ben and J discuss: downtime, football, brain calm, the creation of games, Elon Musk taking over Twitter, and J and Ben’s new duck game, coming to a Kickstarter near you, maybe.  Show Notes:  Marvel Snap -  Remember the Titans -  Support the Show and Vote for Host:  Get your own GMA stickers:  Get Your Bingo Card:    Email the show: [email protected]  Discuss the Podcast on Reddit:  Follow the Show on Twitter:  Follow SCB on Instagram:  Follow SCB on TikTok:  Discuss the Podcast on YouTube:    Alternate Titles:   Goodness Gracy My Brain Calm Recreation Drives Intelligence The Downfall of Twitter Quacks Don’t Echo
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Published 02/03/23
Ben and J discuss: Shoot the Moon, the Fantastic Beasts franchise, past ways of thinking, Bop It, the llama update, games as kids and chess. Show Notes: Shoot the Moon Game -  Home Alone 3 -...
Published 02/03/23
Ben and J discuss: their upcoming Disney trip plans, The Spartan Race, roller coasters, horror movies at Valentines, The Last of Us and The Walking Dead, pop culture depictions of the future, and Pokemon Regionals. Show Notes: Busch Gardens Williamsburg -...
Published 01/27/23