Brain Crack
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Ben and J discuss: differences in workout effects, brain crack, supporting your partner, keeping up with all the content, con artists, and the civilization of humanity.  Show Notes:  She Hulk -  Andor -  WandaVision -  Strange World -  Wakanda Forever -  Avatar: The Way of Water -  Inventing Anna -  Catch Me If You Can -  Al Capone -  USA v England FIFA -  Side Note: Ben did a day later realize the word he was looking for was “precocious.” Support the Show and Vote for Host:  Get your own GMA stickers:  Get Your Bingo Card:    Email the show: [email protected]  Discuss the Podcast on Reddit:  Follow the Show on Twitter:  Follow SCB on Instagram:  Follow SCB on TikTok:  Discuss the Podcast on YouTube:    Alternate Titles:   The Full Body Soreness Give It A Lunge A Little On The Gloop Gumption??
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