Boilermakers 154's Shawn Steffee on the Future of Fossil Fuels in Pennsylvania
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Recently, Shawn Steffee, an executive board member of Boilermakers 154 in Pennsylvania, was featured on a popular FoxNews segment in which he loudly and proudly advocated for fossil fuels. On this week’s Power Hour Alex Epstein interviews Steffee about the fossil fuel industry in Pennsylvania and what its challenges and opportunities are going forward. They cover: Why every other form of energy is made using fossil fuels How Steffee learned about the case for fossil fuels Why utilities should offer a real renewable energy option, where your power gets cut off when sunshine and wind are inadequate What happens “behind the scenes” when you turn your lights on Common-sense problems with using solar in regions with bad winters Why “smart” people can have so many dumb ideas about energy The oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania The coal industry in Pennsylvania The myth of the perfect climate
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