The physics of life, energy, and environmental impact with Adrian Bejan
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On this week’s Power Hour Alex Epstein interviews Adrian Bejan, a Duke Professor and Benjamin Franklin Medal recipient renowned for identifying “constructal law.” The topic is how physics, specifically thermodynamics, can help us better understand life, including our use of energy, our environmental impact, and the need for freedom. Topics covered include: - How Bejan escaped communism, immigrated to the US, and studied MIT. - How Bejan identified “constructal law.” - The universality of thermodynamics. - Why humans impacting our environment is natural. - Bejan’s predictions of our energy and climate future.
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This week’s “Best-of Power Hour” features Alex Epstein’s interview with physicist Steve Koonin, author of the blockbuster book Unsettled, with a new introduction in anticipation of their forthcoming interview on the next episode of Power Hour.
Published 09/09/21