The Roots of the Green New Deal
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On this week's Power Hour, Alex Epstein discusses the policy platform known as the Green New Deal with Marc Morano, author of the new book "Green Fraud: Why The Green New Deal is Worse Than You Think." They focus on the roots of the Green New Deal--Marc, its historical and political roots, Alex, it's philosophical roots--which both believe are key to successfully opposing it and advocating a positive alternative. Some of the topics they cover are: - How Marc became skeptical of the modern environmental movement. - What UN climate conferences are really like--lavish parties, exotic locations, impressive carbon footprints. - How Marc was once kicked out of a climate conference and literally thrown in the middle of the desert. - Why Marc features so prominently in his new book. - What we can learn from the great economics teacher Walter Williams. - Alex's views on the three levels of reframing the energy and climate conversation. - Where the Green New Deal came from. - How the Green New Deal is part of the current administration's plans. - The wide-ranging, totalitarian scope of the Green New Deal. - How Covid lockdowns are encouraging advocates of a totalitarian Green New Deal.
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