Chapter-1 Nammakam
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Nammkam is Chapter 1 of the Prathibimbalu Podcast, Nammakam talks about individuals their thought processes and beliefs. Written by Bala Bhanu Prakash, Directed by Bharath Tenali Sheshu Kumar, Dr. G. Sundari, Chandan Perla, Samaya, Vivek Anand.S Sound Track by Manidhar, Narration by Manoj, Cover Art by Akanksha K Created by Revanth Anupoju, Content Head Chetan a P2 Podcasts Original Follow us @pureperceptionpodcast Stream all shows @
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Vyaktikaraṇa is the third story from the anthology Prathibimbalu, which signifies an honest expression of your feelings to someone you love and care about. Story by Revanth Anupoju, Directed by Bharath Parmalla Naresh Vadlakonda, Pavani Kotrike, Karthik Kumar .G Sound Track by Manidhar,...
Published 07/04/21
Abaddam is the second story from the anthology Prathibimbalu, which introspect individuals who lie to escape without accepting reality. Created by Revanth Anupoju  Written by Megha Syam V, Directed & Edited by Bharath Manoj, Malleswari C.H ,Karthik Y, Karthik Kumar .G Additional Script-...
Published 05/30/21
Published 04/25/21