There are so many adages in regards to love and relationships. Many hinge on the notion that we must be absolutely certain in our choice of a romantic partner and that there should be no doubts when we ultimately decide on 'the one'. But is that a realistic framework for love? And how can the search for the Hollywood vision of love, in some cases lead to severe cases of relationship anxiety, otherwise known as relationship OCD (ROCD)? Kiyomi LaFleur, founder of Awaken into Love, joins the...
Published 08/09/22
Published 08/09/22
For a long time now, people have been ‘living online’, so to speak, communicating and maintaining friendships via social media, and using the Internet to optimize many facets of their lives. For some though, ‘living online’ has taken on a much deeper meaning … becoming so immersed in virtual reality and gaming, that that can seem just as ‘real’ as life itself. With further developments in virtual reality, we have witnessed the development of what is now known as ‘the metaverse’. But what...
Published 08/02/22
How would you react if you found out that your parent was a monster? This hypothetical situation isn't far off from the experiences of the children of leading Nazis who participated in the Holocaust. Tania Crasnianski documented her research into the lives of the children of Nazis in her incredibly fascinating book, 'Children of Nazis'. She joins the podcast to share the insights from her work.
Published 07/26/22
We urge people to be creative, with phrases like ‘think outside the box’, and ‘push the envelope’. But for the most part, is all our talk of innovation and free thinking just rhetoric? Does society truly encourage people to think in new, and even radical, ways? Does society champion the rogue thinker, or does it rather support both students and professionals who simply follows suit with the status quo and acquiesce to the traditional lines of thinking? Jeff Schmidt, author of the 2000 book,...
Published 07/19/22
Do you feel like you truly have a good grasp on your finances? Or do you ever wonder if you're just following the motions and simply 'trusting' in conventional financial wisdom in regards to savings and retirement? Brad Barrett, co-founder of the popular ChooseFI community, joins the podcast to discuss financial independence. ChooseFI website - https://www.choosefi.com
Published 07/12/22
Doctors have been trained in pretty much the same way for many decades. Prior to any hands-on practical training, medical students spend about 2 years going through a series of lectures delivered by other doctors. In fact, this is the general model for how most professionals, and even undergraduate students, are trained – via in-person traditional sorts of lectures with a professor standing at the front of a large lecture hall, disseminating the information that is to be learned. But is...
Published 07/05/22
Divorce is so common that it's reasonable to call into question the establishment of marriage itself. Does marriage in its current form still make sense? Do newer types of marriages, such as 'trial marriages' or 'short-term contract marriages' warrant more serious consideration before people plunge into the 'traditional marriage' model? Vicki Larson joins the podcast, a journalist and co-author of 'The New "I Do', alongside fellow co-author Susan Gadoua. Vicki's website -...
Published 06/27/22
The "pro-life" vs. "pro-choice" dilemma regarding abortion is the centre of much heated debate in the United States. On a previous episode of the podcast, we spoke with an obstetrician regarding abortion in Canada and the United States and examined the concept of reproductive justice and why it is important for a woman to have the right to choose. On this episode, we are joined by Annette Lancaster, who identifies as pro-life. She describes her experience working at Planned Parenthood and...
Published 06/23/22
It can be tough to understand how so many in the United States are on the 'pro-gun' side of the gun debate.  For many, the issue seems simple - "guns are bad, and we should do everything we can to limit them".  But what is the background of gun legislation?  What is the perspective of many people who support gun rights yet also share the same goal of lowering crime rates in the United States?  Trevor Burrus of the Cato Institute joins the podcast to shed some light on this complicated issue.
Published 06/21/22
While cannabis has become legalized in many parts of the world, most other drugs not only remain illegal, but are actually criminalized. The opioids crisis has escalated even further during the COVID pandemic, and experts are revisiting the question of whether or not opioids should be decriminalized. So what is decriminalization? And is it a good idea? Dr. Sarah Elliott joins the podcast.
Published 06/14/22
Influencers can include pretty much anyone who has a significant following on social media – whether it be chefs, models, actors, or celebrities of any sort. And there is a new type of influencer on the rise, the influencer that is also a mother - the 'Momfluencer'. I am joined today by Sara Petersen, author of the upcoming book MOMFLUENCED, coming out in 2023 from Beacon Press. twitter & instagram @slouisepetersen
Published 06/07/22
Divorce can be a very challenging part of someone’s life, filled with change, often sadness, and many other complex emotions. But aside from the emotional factors, there is a whole legal process that divorce entails. So what is it like to navigate through the legal system amid a divorce? What are some of the preconceptions about what one actually needs in a divorce lawyer and what the role of the divorce lawyer is? Lawyer Sean Valentine joins the podcast....
Published 05/31/22
Japan has a famously insular and unique culture. It is a country filled with a rich history and ethos that is quite distinct from any other country in the world. But what lies at the core of Japanese culture? What lessons about meaning, happiness, and contentment can we derive from a better understanding of this fascinating country? Erin Niimi Longhurst, author of the book 'Japonisme', joins the podcast.
Published 05/24/22
We like to think of ourselves as in control of our own lives. But in an age of indulgence and addiction, do we really have as much agency over our decisions as we like to think? How does either a belief in a higher power or a belief in a purely materialistic world influence our perspective on free will? Psychiatrist Dr. Christian Heim joins the podcast.
Published 05/17/22
Imagine you could take a pill that would biologically halt the aging process. Barring any traumatic accidents or lethal infections, you could essentially live indefinitely at the same age you are today, perhaps until age 1,000 or beyond. Would you take that pill? Professor John Davis, author of New Methuselahs: The Ethics of Life Extension, joins the podcast. https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/new-methuselahs
Published 05/10/22
The idea of 'life extension' has become trendy over the past several decades. If we take the right supplements and certain medications, is it possible to live well beyond a hundred years old and to slow the aging process itself? Dr. Jay Olshansky is one of the world leaders in the field. He joins the podcast to shed some misconceptions. http://sjayolshansky.com/sjo/Background.html
Published 05/02/22
When someone takes a life in our societies, they are punished severely and sent away to prison for many years. But for all the value placed on human life, there are certain societies in human history that have practiced human sacrifice. What lies at the core of this practice, and what do we know about the motivations involved? Johns Hopkins archaeologist and professor Glenn Schwartz joins the podcast.
Published 04/26/22
Walking through the meat aisle of a grocery store, do you ever wonder whether it is normal to eat animals? Even if you do think it is normal to eat animals, what about well-documented abuse of animals in the food industry? The veganism movement is associated with many preconceptions, both regarding the types of people who become vegans and the ideology itself. Dr. Corey Wrenn is a sociologist, social justice activist and a leading voice in the veganism movement, who joins the podcast.
Published 04/19/22
We live in a world in which we have easy access to almost anything we want. We see something online that we want, and we can have it delivered to our home that same day. And while increased access and availability can be a good thing, it can also be a dangerous one. With limitless access to more seemingly benign pastimes such as shopping and social media, as well as more obviously concerning pastimes such as drugs, gambling, and porn, the predilection to addiction is perhaps stronger than...
Published 04/12/22
Most of us believe in science. We trust in the scientific method and the worldly truths that have been derived from a multitude of scientific disciplines. But is it possible that science has become too synonymous with truth? Has science been put on such a pedestal that the general public has come to blindly accept certain things as truths, even if the evidence isn't quite as robust as we might believe? Harvard Professor and astrophysicist Dr. John Johnson joins the podcast. Listen to John's...
Published 04/05/22
As the brutal war in Ukraine continues, it can feel like we are entering unprecedented times. Perhaps the reason this war feels so shocking is that we have arguably been living in one of the most peaceful periods of human history over the past several decades. Wars initiated with the sole intent of expanding a country’s land mass and conquering another people, just aren’t nearly as common as they were a hundred years ago. So is this war in Ukraine merely a blip, or conversely, is the anomaly...
Published 03/29/22
Billions of dollars per year are spent on products and services for 'beautification'. Skin creams, exfoliants, cleansers; botox and other plastic surgery. How has society's definition of beauty come to be so intertwined with certain elements of physical appearance? And perhaps equally importantly, do these products and services even achieve what they promise? Beauty expert Jessica DeFino joins the podcast. https://www.jessica-defino.com
Published 03/22/22
How is memory influenced by emotion? Are we more likely to remember an event accurately if it was associated with a strong emotion, or would high emotionality be more likely to distort a memory? How powerful is nostalgia, and do we tend to overly glorify past events in our life with the passage of time? Boston College Professor and memory expert Elizabeth Kensinger joins the podcast.
Published 03/15/22
How accurate is the human memory? Dr. Elizabeth Loftus is a world-renowned psychologist who has devoted her career to studying the malleability of human memory. She joins the podcast to share what her research has shown regarding the accuracy of human memories, and explains how completely fabricated memories can actually be incepted into people's minds.
Published 03/08/22