Six Feet Under (Part 1)
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For most, the word “death” conjures up emotions of fear and sadness. While death is one of the few certainties of life, it is something that most people would probably agree that you can never prepare for. But is there a different way to look at death and dying, perhaps with less of a negative sentiment? Funeral director Emily Bootle joins the podcast to share insights on death, dying and the funeral process. KORU Funeral Home
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Japan has a famously insular and unique culture. It is a country filled with a rich history and ethos that is quite distinct from any other country in the world. But what lies at the core of Japanese culture? What lessons about meaning, happiness, and contentment can we derive from a better...
Published 05/24/22
We like to think of ourselves as in control of our own lives. But in an age of indulgence and addiction, do we really have as much agency over our decisions as we like to think? How does either a belief in a higher power or a belief in a purely materialistic world influence our perspective on...
Published 05/17/22
Published 05/17/22