Steve Richards (Journalist and Presenter of BBC Radio 4's Week in Westminster), gives the final talk in The Hertford Lecture Series on the challenge Theresa May has on delivering Brexit.
Published 12/04/17
Sir Ivan Rogers (UK Permanent Representative to the European Union, 2013-17), gives a talk on David Cameron's relationship to the EU and what lead up to the Brexit referendum.
Published 12/04/17
Lord Patten of Barnes discusses John Major's term in office in the latest episode in this series
Published 11/24/17
Lord Andrew Adonis (Head of Policy to Tony Blair) talks about Tony Blair's relationship to the EU and to Europe during his premiership.
Published 11/14/17
Lord Wood of Anfield (Special Adviser to Gordon Brown), gives a talk about Gordon Brown's relationship to Europe as well as his 'muscular intergovernmentalism' approach for resolving issues.
Published 11/08/17
Lord Powell of Bayswater, Margaret Thatcher's Foreign Affairs Private Secretary, details Thatcher's successes and failures with Europe.
Published 10/31/17