Why Washington can't escape The West Wing
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When The West Wing was on the air, during the Clinton and Bush years, a lot of liberal viewers were pining for a Democratic president with a strong sense of right and wrong — someone like President Bartlet. His fictional administration made for great entertainment, an idealistic vision of what politics could be. But the show’s idealism was decidedly white — and mostly male. It also obscured a very real partisan divide.Music credits: Voyage (a) by Jon Lorca and Peter James QuineyPrimetime Theme Music by Brandon McFarland A Most Quiet Season by Richard BoneHot Air Balloon by Jon Lorca and Peter James QuineyTwo Dollar Token by Warmbody (from Blue Dot Sessions)Rue Montclare (a) by Joe Henson, Alexis Leon Smith, and Reinould Willem Rutger FordSoothe by Bodytonic (from Blue Dot Sessions)Constructions (B) by John DevereauxNight Time Adventure by John Lorca and Peter James QuineyWhen in the West by Landsman Duets (from Blue Dot Sessions)
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Published 07/18/19
Published 07/18/19
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