Hacking Humans
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The days of robbing banks at gunpoint are gone. It's much more profitable to hijack networks. To better protect themselves companies hire people to test their security, but no firewall is going to stop a social engineer. Especially not one like Chris Hadnagy. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
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When Afrikka Hardy was strangled in 2014 it seemed completely random. But it wasn’t. It was part of a pattern. Lori Townsend reminisces about her daughter Afrikka, and journalist Thomas Hargrove says Afrikka's death could've been prevented. Subscribe to Algorithm now, so you don't miss an...
Published 07/20/21
I spoke with Ben Kuebrich, the producer and host of the new true crime show Algorithm. Algorithm follows the investigation into Afrikka Hardy's murder, exposing the warnings that police ignored, and uncovering more than anyone expected -- that a serial killer was strangling women in Gary, Indiana...
Published 07/20/21
How many people are living their life undiagnosed? This episode is about ADHD but the message is about disorders. The barriers that exist to get a proper diagnosis and treatment are criminal, and it's time we address them. I spoke with Dr Jeremy Sharp, a psychologist, consultant and speaker about...
Published 07/14/21