How to develop robots that grow carbon negative food + Hardware design advice for different scales + Insights into managing multiple teams + Working at Apple - Tom Kendall Director of Hardware Engineering at IronOx
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This episode covers allot off ground, because our Guest today no other than Tom Kendall, Director of hardware engineering at IronOx. IronOx is a US based indoor farming startup "solving global climate through our food, grown renewably, using technology". They use greenhouses, robotics, automation and AI to optimise everything about the plant growth process including energy consumption. Tom Kendall is the director of hardware engineering at IronOx. He oversees multiple teams at IronOx and has over 10 years of experience building/managing hardware. He also worked as a process engineer at Apple. In this episode we talk about: - IronOx and what makes them unique in their farming approach. - The development process of their new farm robot Grover. - The daily life of a director of hardware engineering & how to manage multiple teams. - What it was like to work at Apple as a process engineer on the Iphone. - Advice to build hardware at different scales & more. Tune in to get all the details Jump to major sections: Apple: Minute 0. IronOx and his role: Minute 20 Developing robot Grover: Minute 39 Managing Teams & General learnings: 108. Follow us on: Instagram: Linkedin: Website:
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