Building the product organisation of Gorillas during hyper growth (Europes fastest ever Unicorn) - Patrick Haede, Head of Product from Gorillas, on building great teams, hiring, product fundamentals and the exit of his previous company Mapify + Celebrat
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**Welcome to this very special episode.** + Our guest is Patrick Haede, the head of product from Gorillas the 10 Minute Grocery delivery app (Europes fasted ever unicornI) + We celebrate the last episode of season 2🙏 + We are live on Product Hunt today🚀 We appreciate your support: 👉 **More about our guest+ the episode :** Our guest today is Patrick, the head of product from Gorillas - The 10 Minute grocery delivery app (Europes fasted ever Unicorn). He started at Gorillas as one out of two product people about a year ago and built, together with Barbara, head of design, the product organisation to about 30 people today and more than 10.000 employees. Before that he founded and sold Mapify. A travel app that allows you share your travel experiences, get inspired for your next trip and easily book these complex roundtrips. We will briefly talk about mapify and his exit but mainly focus on the the insane growth that he witnessed at Gorillas. We talk about, hiring, building great teams how he built the product organisation, and generally about the all the different moving pieces that are needed to create a service like Gorillas. Visit the shownotes here: **About Season 2 and the Product Hunt Launch: ** This episode will mark one of the last episodes of season 2. As you know this podcast is run by a team of CODE University students and now has a total of 34 episodes with 13 episodes in Season 2. Simon, our host, will need to focus on his bachelor thesis in the coming months and also wants to pass this incredible opportunity of podcasting on to new students, so they can take it to new heights! To celebrate it we are live on Product hunt today. Product hunt is a platform where people can vote for products. The more people vote the more people see it and have the chance to get value out of each episode. If you liked and got value out of at least one of our episodes we would highly appreciate your support. 🚀 If you want to show some love and dont already have an account on Product Hunt you can create one in under 5 minutes with Apple, Google, Twitter or Facebook sign-in. Please upvote Product Pioneers, it would mean allot to everyone on the team! And of course you can also support us on LinkedIn or Instagram. 🙏 Huge thanks to Patrick our guest today, all guests that have been on the show and made each episode possible, the entire team from Season 1 and Season 2, and of course our dear listeners! If anyone from the CODE students listening are interested to join the fun for Season 3 please get in touch. Thanks for being on the ride with us! Follow us here: **Instagram**: **LinkedIn:**: **Our Website with Shownotes:** **Support us on Product Hunt today:**
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