How Core Values Influence Diversity and Inclusion with Kim Crayton
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In this episode of Programming Leadership, Marcus and his guest, Kim Crayton, discuss how organizations are shaped by core values, and why values are integral for establishing true diversity and inclusion. Kim dives into some very uncomfortable truths in this episode, pointing out how most organizations are not actually ready for inclusion and diversity, because they are operating with misaligned values that make it impossible for stakeholders to thrive. Kim also explains how businesses can leverage diversity to effectively compete in the information economy, and explains why companies should rethink how they approach risk management. Show Notes Why inclusion and diversity must be the bedrocks of an organization — and why they are essential for competing in the information economy. (2:16) The role that core values play in an organization, and how they are linked to  processes, procedures, and policies. (1:43) Understanding shareholder value versus stakeholder value in an organization. (7:06) The core values of the #causeascene community: Tech is not neutral, intention without strategy is chaos, lack of inclusion is a risk management issue, and prioritizing the most vulnerable. (9:48) How most companies lack the diversity to identify the potential for harm — and as a result, they don’t understand harm until it happens. (13:43) Thinking beyond finance when considering risk management (16:38) How income sharing agreements (ISAs) often target and harm — instead of prioritize — people in marginalized communities.(18:50) Defining privilege, underrepresentation, marginalization, variety, and inclusion.(26:56) Redefining capitalism in a way that doesn’t cause harm to people by default. (34:51)   Links: Main site: Twitter:  Coaching:    
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