Change Your Perception, Change Your Life
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Hilda Labrada Gore, also known as Holistic Hilda is a voice for healthy living, and she is convinced that we need to look at how our ancestors lived in the past to create good health today. She wants everyone to live their best life at any age and stage. It's not hard—enjoy the sunlight, get your feet on the Earth, and eat real, whole foods. As the host of the Wise Traditions Podcast, you will learn a lot from her. In this episode, you'll hear about: The power of mindset Affirmations for Hilda's natural childbirth (The Bradley Method®) Your perception of your kids can change them Serendipity list Gratitude list Do affirmations with your family Unplug from TV and social media Plug into what lifts your spirit Feel peaceful through breathing (Box Breathing blog) Connect with Hilda: Website: Instagram: @holistichilda Podcast: Wise Traditions
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