S4E02 Underachievers, Overachievers, & Maximum Likelihood Estimation
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This week Patrick and Greg talk about maximum likelihood estimation: what it is, where it comes from, how it works, what it can do, and what it can't do. Along they way they also mention tour-bombing your kid, licking the turtle, Van Halen and AC/DC, orange mustaches, brandy snifter pong, bus #27, Ronnie Fisher, why people hate us, circus tents, night parachuting, flat spots, lazy parabolas, vanilla ice cream, and statistical bouncers.  Stay in contact with Quantitude! Twitter: @quantitudepod Web page: quantitudepod.org Merch: redbubble.com
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In today’s episode, Patrick and Greg talk about those critical distributions that often go un-discussed -- noncentral distributions -- including their relation to the more familiar central distributions, their role in power and sample size determination, and how they are used in assessing...
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In today’s episode, Greg and Patrick talk about model under-, just-, and over-identification, starting with the algebraic foundations and moving into implications for the practice of structural equation modeling. Along the way they also mention shagging cars, new Ferraris, bank statements,...
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