S4E10 Test Driving Model Identification
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In today’s episode, Greg and Patrick talk about model under-, just-, and over-identification, starting with the algebraic foundations and moving into implications for the practice of structural equation modeling. Along the way they also mention shagging cars, new Ferraris, bank statements, prerecorded reactions, Quantitude implied contract, necessary & sufficient, walk of shame, Patrick’s Roz impression, working with explosives, potluck freeloaders, fixing a loading to your home address, and bad maps. Stay in contact with Quantitude! Twitter: @quantitudepod Web page: quantitudepod.org Merch: redbubble.com
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In this week's episode Patrick and Greg talk about an alternative to familywise Type I error control, the false discovery rate, and how it offers increased power in that middle ground between no error control and the severe control of Bonferroni.  Along the way they also mention: Leif Ericson,...
Published 01/31/23
In this week's episode Greg and Patrick discuss how we might flip the traditional null and alternative hypothesis testing procedures to move us from tests of literal equality to tests of practical equivalence. Along the way they also discuss tough love, horseshoes and hand-grenades, Patrick’s...
Published 01/24/23
Published 01/24/23