Published 12/10/21
Robertson and Logan talk looking forward to more winter months!
Published 12/10/21
Logan and Robertson talk about some delightful things to do during the colder months, from food to bingable shows!
Published 12/03/21
Robertson and Logan talk the transitionary time between Halloween and Christmas and more fall/winter activities! Tune in :)
Published 12/02/21
Robertson and Logan talk a plethora of fun things in this, the 51st episode.
Published 10/29/21
Logan and Robertson talk a bunch of actual adulting for this extra special, extended 50th episode of Quick! Call an Adult! the show!
Published 10/10/21
Robertson and Logan decide to talk the apocalypse and Bigfoot makes a guest appearance!
Published 10/01/21
Robertson and Logan talk childhood memories and things we wanted to be when we grew up in this episode of Quick! Call an Adult!
Published 09/24/21
Robertson and Logan talk first impressions and so much more in this episode of QCAA! Also, excuse me? We are 3 episodes away from 50?!
Published 09/17/21
Logan and Robertson bring silly voices and joy to this episode of QCAA!
Published 09/10/21
Robertson and Logan have a good time doing this episode. We talk some pretty big joys in our life and CAN'T BELIEVE we are officially over a year doing this show! Thank you for every single listen and download. You all are amazing!
Published 09/03/21
Robertson and Logan talk music and their daily gratitude's, and so much more in this fun filled episode!
Published 08/27/21
Robertson and Logan talk about what would they do if they could eat one food without consequences and so much more!
Published 08/20/21
Logan and Roberston talk life skills, funny car events, and things that shaped our lives! Welcome to post-vacation Logan and Robertson, you won't be disappointed.
Published 08/13/21
Robertson and Logan talk animals, spelling and so much more in this fun filled episode.
Published 08/06/21
Robertson and Logan celebrate their 40th episode of Quick Call an Adult in this hilarious and silly adventure.
Published 07/23/21
Logan and Robertson so LOL, ROFL and LMFAO in this episode of Quick! Call an Adult!
Published 07/09/21
Robertson and Logan had to edit together this 2-parter due to technical difficulties... We talk about cryogenics and so much more in this latest episode!
Published 07/02/21
Logan and Robertson talk paranormal experience, food and so much more in this weeks episode!
Published 06/25/21
Robertson and Logan talk their occasionally low standards, their ideal themed hotels and SO MUCH MORE in this strange event of an episode.
Published 06/18/21
Robertson and Logan go down the rabbit hole. Right down the rabbit hole. I don't think we found the bottom. We genuinely don't know where the bottom is...
Published 06/11/21
Logan and Robertson truly believe that you shouldn't really swap the salt and the sugar, but if you want to know why we got sweet and salty, tune in to this weeks episode!!
Published 06/04/21
Robertson and Logan reminisce about their 'back in my day' moments, and other fun things in this delightfully odd episode of Quick! Call an Adult!
Published 05/27/21
Robertson and Logan talk Magic, choices and their favourite games in this fun-filled episode!
Published 05/22/21
Robertson and Logan talk about skills we wish we were better at, upsetting and disturbing videos we've seen and so much more! Check out this latest episode of QCAA :).
Published 05/01/21