QQ ep 93 - Take a Hike
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In this episode the guys talk about Dan's awesome hiking trip to Utah, and Soren meticulously details how each member of his family was moderately injured in the last month!  And as always big thanks to our sponsors.  Thanks to skillshare,  go to Skillshare.com/qq and get a free trial of Premium Membership.  And Thanks to Hello Tushy.  10% off + free shipping HelloTushy.com/QQ
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Wow! 100 episodes, who would have thought. Certainly not anybody involved in the production of this show.  And to honor the spirit of Quick Question's inception, we've done as little work as possible to celebrate, and farmed out all of the questions to our audience! What state does Soren wish he...
Published 07/31/21
In this episode the guys talk about which professional sport they could last the longest in, and there's also a weird new bit!  And as always big thanks to our sponsors. Thanks to Hawthorne. Take your quiz and get 10% off your first purchase at hawthorne.co with code QQ.  Thanks to...
Published 07/23/21
In this episode Daniel walks Soren through the viral Cat Lady drama that swept twitter, and halfway through the story Soren remembers that he's familiar with it! We promise it's really engaging!!  And as always big thanks to our sponsors, thanks to Honey, shop with confidence — get Honey for FREE...
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