QQ ep 107 - Mrs. Sommelier and Other Soft R‘s
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In this episode Daniel reveals the hidden secret of shrimps! And as always, big thanks to our sponsors.  Thanks to skillshare. Go to Skillshare.com/qq and one-month free trial of  Premium Membership.  Thanks to Raycon. Right now, you  can  get 15% off their Raycon order at BUY RAYCON dot com slash qq. That’s BUY RAYCON dot com slash qq to save 15 percent on Raycons.  And thanks to Mack Weldon. For 20% off your first order, visit mackweldon.com/QQ with promo code QQ
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Great tunes, good vibes, very little neurosis. Classic QQ! In this ep the guys hit each other with some sweet tunes, and Soren tries to pronounce a single word for 1% of total episode run time. As always big thanks to our sponsors.  Thanks Skillshare.  Skillshare.com/qq and one-month free trial...
Published 10/15/21
Classic organ donation episode of QQ!  This ep the guys talk about the good art friend story, and Soren gets Daniel a present he didn't ask for.  And as always big thanks to our sponsors.  Thanks  Hello Tushy.  10% off + free shipping HelloTushy.com/qq .  Thanks BetterHelp.  Get 10% off your...
Published 10/09/21
Big Daniel wins another Emmy! And the guys talk about how they're now experts on both Tik Tok AND gender issues.  And as always big thanks to our sponsors. Thanks Canva Pro. Get a FREE 45-day extended trial by going to canva.me/QQ45 . and Thanks to Honey.  Shop with confidence — get Honey for...
Published 10/01/21