Bing Bang Bonus: Horse Racing Trivia
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  Horse Racing Trivia This episode is all about Horse Racing trivia. We are ver lucky to have Horse Racing expert Rowan Ward on this episode. You can follow them on Twitter or read their blog. Are you about to win the Triple Crown or come in last? Can you answer questions like: For the purposes of entering races, all Northern Hemisphere-born Thoroughbreds share a birthday. What is that day? What is the name of the horse racing wager where you pick three winners of consecutive races? Who was the first — and still only! — female jockey to win the Kentucky Oaks? A statue of which jockey, who was active from 1973 through 2005, graces the paddock at Churchill Downs, where he is the all-time leading rider? He rode in 22 editions of the Kentucky Derby, though his only win came with Lil E. Tee in 1992. There have been thirteen Triple Crown winners, but who was the only one whose sire, or in other words his father, was also a Triple Crown winner? What 3200m turf race is known as the Race that Stops a Nation? It takes place in, and is named for, the second-largest city in Australia. Despite having to walk three miles from another track to race in the Derby, and going off at 91-1 odds, which horse became the longest shot ever to win the Kentucky Derby in 1913? Every horse who runs in the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks is the same age. How old are they? Though many great horses do come from Kentucky, perhaps the greatest American horse, Secretariat,did not. In which state was he bred? Who was the leading US sire, based on progeny earnings, in 2019, 2020, and 2021? His foals include 2020 Kentucky Derby winner Authentic as well as Mandaloun, who is regarded as the 2021 Kentucky Derby winner after the disqualification of Medina Spirit? If you like this episode, you might enjoy our Rugby episode. Music Hot Swing, Fast Talkin, Bass Walker, Dances and Dames, Ambush by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Don't forget to follow us on social media: Patreon - - Please consider supporting us on Patreon. Check out our fun extras for patrons and help us keep this podcast going. We appreciate any level of support! Website - Check out our website, it will have all the links for social media that you need and while you're there, why not go to the contact us page and submit a question! Facebook - @quizbangpodcast - we post episode links and silly lego pictures to go with our trivia questions. Enjoy the silly picture and give your best guess, we will respond to your answer the next day to give everyone a chance to guess. Instagram - Quiz Quiz Bang Bang (quizquizbangbang), we post silly lego pictures to go with our trivia questions. Enjoy the silly picture and give your best guess, we will respond to your answer the next day to give everyone a chance to guess. Twitter - @quizbangpod We want to start a fun community for our fellow trivia lovers. If you hear/think of a fun or challenging trivia question, post it to our twitter feed and we will repost it so everyone can take a stab it. Come for the trivia - stay for the trivia. Ko-Fi - - Keep that sweet caffeine running through our body with a Ko-Fi, power us through a late night of fact checking and editing!
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