Surah Al Imran: Family of Imran - Verses 88, 89 & 90 - Allah's Curse
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Allah says: The reward of such people is that Allah's curse is on them and that of the angels and of all humankind. (Chapter 3: Verse 87) What is Allah's curse? Learn the answer and much more in this week's Quran Tafsir of Sura Al Imran Ayat 87, 88 & 89
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In this week's English Quran Tafseer, we tell the story of the evil plot against the Aws and Khazraj Arab tribes of Medina. The plot brought the Aws and khazraj to the brink of battle as they grabbed their weapons to kill each other after Islam!
Published 05/19/22
The People of the Book (the Jews and Christians) were in Arabia when Prophet Muhammad arrived. How did they act? What information did they have? Why did some of them embrace Islam and others did not? Find the answers and much more in this week's Al Imran English Quran Tafsir of Ayat 98 and 99.
Published 05/13/22