Sura 8 The Bounties. / Alanfal
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We are in Madena with this sura, it’s the battle of Badr. The first battle between the Muslims and the non believers of Makkah. The Muslims are few in number but their Hearts are filled with the love of God. They win the battle with Gods’ help. And they gain bounties. Well dear listeners/ readers We also get bounties from this sura. It’s filled with Muslim life coaching lessons for us. Verse 2-4. How do you know ur a believer , when God is mentioned your heart is filled with love for Him , when u hear the verses , it gives you more faith, and you trust God as you go along in life. Also ,Those that pray and give to the needy. They are the true believers. And what do you get? High ranks with God and forgiveness as well as great things in life. And verse 29 also to the believers : when God is always on your mind/ heart , when ur doing things in life. Wanting to do good for Him, to be the best version of yourself, the best at work, studies, to be a good human , for Him. He will give you signs that help you along the way , what is right from wrong, He will remove your bad deeds and forgive you, and bless you with His great favor. Remember God is enough for you. Verse 65 ( God is enough for you , and for the believers who follow you). So remember , have goals , plans, dreams. Read, listen, work . Achieve the best things you can in life , all of this with God in your Heart! He promised . Verse74 true believers ( they will have forgiveness and generous provision.) May God bless us All with the Quran. May He light up our paths with ease , love and generous provisions. Ameen
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