Sura 7 The Heights / Alaaraaf
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This Makkah sura : 206 verses. It’s main theme is the oneness of God. Mohammed is a messenger like other prophets before him. The Quran is the scripture just like the Gospel and the Torah. Dialogues between people in heaven and hell and the in between, the sura names them the heights. A verse that helps me in life is verse 42 ( and We do not burden any soul with more than it can bear ). Remember Everyone has a direct line with God. No one needs to go through any one . Verse 196 (my protector is God: He has revealed the Scripture, and it is He who protects the righteous.) The last verses of this sura points ; this Quran brings you insight from God, guidance and mercy. So remember your lord inwardly mornings and evenings and glorify him. May Allah bless us with a happy new year filled with gratitude , wisdom and blessings. Ameen
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