Ep 152 | Tune Up Your Spiritual Schematic For Success
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It is true, my life choices have been slightly limited by my biology. Your rabbi was never invited to join the Corps de Ballet of the Bolshoi, neither was he ever drafted into the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. It was never going to happen because biology and genetics endowed him with a body entirely unsuited to basketball and dance. And even though he is not a biologist and not a candidate for the United States Supreme Court, he has seen his body and knows for sure that he is male. So why is this an issue for so many? To some extent, your life is limited by your biology. But it is far more influenced by your Spiritual Schematic. The ideas, good and bad, right and wrong that were imprinted on your subconscious and which whisper in your ear, they play a far bigger role in your success and failure than your biology does. See some really cute Happy Warrior merchandise https://rabbidaniellapin.com/store/merchandise/ Learn how to identify your own Spiritual Schematics and above all, how to change them when necessary so that the brain bolts they blast into your soul move you onwards and upwards in your Family, Fitness, Faith, Finances, and Friends. Whether you walk with God or whether faith is not part of your being, learn the basis of it all in the first 31 verses of Genesis https://www.wehappywarriors.com/scrolling-through-scripture  Shortage or abundance? It’s not science, it is your choice and the difference in your life could be huge.    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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