Ep 154 | Dependency and Loss of Dignity (whether by slavery or welfare) Is Destructive
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You think freedom is easy? It’s actually easier to be a slave. Can you identify the phrase: The Seven Fat Years? Why it is problematic that so many cannot. The road to real freedom leads via rules, structure, order and restraint. Why is Passover a big deal?  https://rabbidaniellapin.com/product/seder-set/ How important is it for children to know their family history? Things to tell your kids.  How can you possibly be without a proper Tanach? (The Hebrew Scriptures) https://rabbidaniellapin.com/product/koren-jerusalem-bible-hardcover/ Why does slavery destroy families? Endangered species: husbands and fathers. Why would a man stick around?  Be sure to download your free copy of our marvelous eBook called The Holistic You -  https://www.wehappywarriors.com/the-holistic-you   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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All Happy Warriors know when they are mistakenly BEHAVING on emotions and feelings. In this show we learn how to know when we are THINKING on emotions and feelings. Just as fire can build and destroy, male-female relationships can build a strong family-based society and they can also destroy...
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